Monday, June 11, 2012

3 months

Holy crap my baby is old!! And she really is such a good baby. She is not sleeping through the night yet but she only gets up once around 4 to eat and then falls right back to sleep. She sleeps in her bassinet until that first feeding then she gets to snuggle with mom for the rest of the morning! I am way jealous of those babies that go to bed at 7 and wake up at 7- but I am enjoying every moment; the good and the bad because time is already going by way too fast. I started going back to work last week. I ended up getting 15 weeks off which was such a blessing! I am only doing two 12 hour shifts a week so it works out really well. Josh watches her when I do nights and weekends and her grandmas fight over my day shifts. Bad mom moments: She fell off the bed I spoiled my whole supply of frozen breast milk by leaving it in the car over night. She got pink eye and I think I gave her a little sore underneath her eye from cleaning it out so much. Its all better now I took benadryl when she was brand new and it knocked her out for hours! Sunburned cheeks from doing yard work with mom. - I'm sure there will be many more of these moments to come, but I had to confess the few I could remember. More about Jane: She is really good at blowing raspberries- spit goes flying She LOVES being on her tummy so she figured out how to roll over from her back to belly She hates her carseat or any kind of restraint including being swaddled When she is not eating she is sucking on anything she can get her hands on, carpet, blankets, entire fist, etc She really loves both of her grandmas. She just lights up when they start talking to her. Her dad gave her a beautiful blessing last week and she looked so cute in her dress! She loves being outside. whenever she is pissed off we just take a stroll outside and then she is fine. Sorry not too many good pics because some LOSER stole my diaper bag with my phone in it. Ugh.


  1. Katie, your little girl is so stinkin cute! And I love all your funny mommy moments-I bet you are the cutest mom! And I can't believe somebody stole your diaper bag! What the heck!

  2. I can't believe someone stole your diaper bag! I agree- what a loser! Lame.

    I laughed at your 'Mama OOPS' because I love that you share them-- it seems like people don't share enough of the HEADS up stuff.

    Jane is SO CUTE - I bet her grandmas love love love her. And I also bet you are the cutest mommy!